sleeping in a yurt, studio or pitch your tent between almonds and olives trees
  Cleaning water
The non pollution
« It is not going too far saying that composting toilets – by not using WC with water flush – eliminates almost every grey-water issues as wall as big relating expenses” 
Purification of « minor » pollution
We need to help people to understand different things about classical toilets:
·        To get rid of one practice we identify as comfort and progress while it is an insult to the Earth.
·        Learning again by looking at our wastes and in general our dark zones and defaults and use it as compost for our consciousness growth.
·        Stopping doing complicated for doing simple and absolutely reduce grey- water purification and management. It is our goal when we speak about “minor” pollution.
« By using composting toilets biomastered, we can escape being linked to the sewer network and purification station in countryside, without any water pollution and for only the pipe’s price!”
Joseph ORSZAGH                                                      
So we have been inspired by Patrick and Brigitte Baronnet’s “Autonomous house” themselves inspired by one training organized by Anne Rivière, ecologist engineer, head of EAUX VIVANTES association.
« It is about to transit the grey-water through filtering cisterns where minerals and plants complement one another for purification.
We have chosen cement cylinder pipes, 80cm diameter and 1m deep with cement at the bottom.
The three cement cylinder pipes are placed in waterfall manner with 30 cm different level between each other.
The water keeps going from one to the other tank from the top to the bottom, the overflow of the previous one coming out at the bottom of the next one.
This grey-water goes successively through stones layers, filtering volcanic stones capturing bacteria, little stones, and at list sand for the plants support.”
Installation of our phyto
3 cement cylinders 80 cm diameter, 1m deep.
30 cm height between one another
we put cement at the bottom of the tank
We let it dry
we put PVC pipes from the top to the bottom for the overflow
big stones at the bottom
volcanic stones ( not easy to find in southern Spain despite the vocanic islands of Lanzarotte…etc)
Small stones 
 At least sand to settle the plants.

With composting toilets our guest average consumption is 20l of water per person and per day for shower and 5 l of water per person and per day for washing dishes.
 We put a water meter behind the sanitary bungalow to control our guest consumption and help us to evaluate our capacity in hosting and rainwater autonomy.
In the summer kitchen we also use a meter for our guests to keep track directly on their consumption.
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