sleeping in a yurt, studio or pitch your tent between almonds and olives trees
  Are you going to be pleased in our home

 If you are looking for a break from your daily routine, reaching out of your comfort zone and discover another world more zen and relaxing, different culture, different region, trying to live like Mongolian. You will be happy in our home.
If you like stars, you will be able to look up in front of your tent or in the chair on our relaxing area, you won’t be able to count them, you will see the milky way and shooting stars.

 If you want to discover one really ecologic toilet that gives value to your waste and allow it to go back to earthand fertilize the soil. You are welcome. We offer you one composting toilet without water flush, no smell, no noise, and no chemical. Composting toilet is 30% discount on your water bill.

 If your children have tendency to leave the tap running, and do not turn the light off, etc…
They will be made sensible by respecting the natural resources and you will be a winner on your return. They will learn that it is not so complicated to turn off the tap while they brush their teeth or when they shower. And when leaving the room we have to turn off all electrical equipment. We offer you for free the use of a little bed for baby 60X120cm, a high chair, one sandy tank, several games, a jogger puss puss, parlour games, books for children on the topic of ecology.
We offer you baby-sitting and children liveliness extra charge.

 If you want to buy a land or a property in Andalusia, we can give you some advise. Tricks and cleverness.

If you would like to build an autonomous house, you will get an overview on what you can realize for being autonomous as much as possible. You can borrow from us various files on different topics to read.
If you would like to cook at the eco-camp, we have a common basic summer kitchen attached to the “cortijo” you can use to prepare simple dishes. The outside kitchen includes basic dishes, glasses, plates, saucepans, 4 fire gas and sink.

 Would you like to try not using gas or electricity to cook ? We will show you how to use the parabolic solar cooker and offer you solar tea or coffee.

 You are free all day and evening long to use the thermos filled with hot water to make hot drinks or tea out of various fresh plants from the garden next to the summer kitchen : thyme, citrus thyme, rosemary, basil, sage, 2 kinds of mint….

 If you want to test our drinking water responding to Spanish policy for drinking water, we will fill your bottles.
If you would like private bathroom in your accommodation and private kitchen, we thought about you and made one studio apartment in some part of the cortijo “La Atalaya”.
Shower and kitchen are on the ground floor. On the first floor the studio can offer accommodation for 4 persons. (one double bed and 2 simple beds).
Water in Andalusia is more precious than all petrol in the world. We have to face growing water layers dryness and desertification.
For your workshops, meetings, trainings, seminars, family celebrations, we can make one yurt on your disposal (price, condition and availability on request).
If you like swimming, the swimming pool in the village of Villanueva de Tapia is open from 15/6 to 15/9, and much better is Iznajar lake less than 20 km offering a swim in a dramatic natural landscape. One beach with fine sand and soft slope has been developed perfectly fitting young children. You can reach the beach directly by car and organize for a BBQ next to the water. Between us, the water from the lake is more hot than the swimming pool. You can bring your inflatable canoe and let you drift on the water. As the lake is not developed for tourism, you will find no more than 20 cars on week ends and only few during the week. Boats with engine are not allowed because Iznajar lake (or Lago de Andalusia) the bigger lake of Andalusia provides drinking water for the city of Sevilla. Many treks are available around the lake. You will be able to end your day to the lake by visiting the village of Iznajar where you will find few bars, restaurants, small grocery stores and shops. Iznajar is perched on a roc as many other towns in Andalousia and counts few beautiful monuments.

 You like fishing, the lake of Iznajar is filled with fishes. At Rio Frio (20 km from here) you will be able to catch trout, or taste it in one of the various restaurant, or barbeque it next to the river. One also grow sturgeons to produce caviar.

 You like walking, you will be pleased : fisrt there is a round trip just at the end of the village going down through the valley of the cortijo “La Atalaya”. The GR 7 goes to Villanueva de Algaïdas and Villanueva de Trabuco. Starting from the hotel “La Bobadilla” you will find also many beaconed routes.

You likehorse riding, it is possible to rent horses less than 10 km from the house. One can organize for example to reach the eco-camp on horse as a surprise for a birthday party or to welcome one group. We can send you various links with trip suggestions.
You like cycling, or mountain-bike, we can help you to rent bicycles for your group but we also have 3 bikes for rent at the camp. We can send you links with trip suggestions.
You like paragliding and roc climbing, in the “Sierra de Loja” you will be pleased.
Some cultural knowledge on the footstep of the well known Washington Irving
The route of the Califat

 If you travel by yourself and have no car, or you drive lonely by yourself, we can offer you to connect with other lonely travellers coming to the eco-camp.
Car sharing and Yurt sharing.
Though you can share transportation fee and accommodation fee. Lili from Bruxelles and Ysathis from La Rochelle are going to car sharing and yurt sharing next summer.

 If you are a group, we can also help you with backpack transportation, BBQ or meal to your destination, visiting local cooperatives, local craftsmen, , minivan for rent up to 16 people for your tourist visits ….

 We will welcome you with a welcome drink and give you brief information about sports and excursions available in the region but we will also show you where to find practical and touristic information for you to study later on.

 If you have “ open mind” or decided to open it for your holidays at the eco-camp you will be pleased during your stay. We will make an effort to make your stay pleasant as much as possible. We want only satisfied guests as it is our best advertisement.
 We can organize your stay made to order order. We can accompany your already made groups.
Even if Spain is not our birth home, we have a good knowledge about the region and particularly the region of Granada.
We speak French, English, Spanish and Dutch.
We also have one room for guest for 2 persons with private bathroom, ground floor with a big terrace.
We would like to make people more conscious about environment and preservation of the natural site where we live.
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