sleeping in a yurt, studio or pitch your tent between almonds and olives trees
  Group in Andalousia
You are already one group.
Or you would like to share your holidays with other people.

We can help you in :
·          Accompanying your group
·          Planning your route in Andalusia
·          Offering cultural activities
·          Walking in nature
·          Discovering unusual sites
·          Participating in various initiation workshops
·          Visiting cooperatives and craftsmen workshops
·          Visiting cultural associations, women associations, houses for retired people, youth clubs, …
·          Organizing holidays on a special topic like nomadic life
·          Renting camping equipment, BBQ
·          Carrying goods and luggage
·          Trail games
·          Treasure hunting
·          ….
You are welcome for any enquiry but try to be as precise as you can.
·          More or less how many people you are
·          Average of age
·          Your main interest
·          The goal of your trip
·          What is your budget and for how many days and nights
The more precise you will be the more we will be able to help you.
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