sleeping in a yurt, studio or pitch your tent between almonds and olives trees
  How to reach us

By plane :

To Malaga :







Situation GPS :

4,31 W
37,182 N


Take the A92  and exit 175 Villanueva de Tapia.

Cross the village trough the main street to the church. Don't cross the place but take the right street (follow cimetery)

Thake the 
"calle coronel Hidalgo".
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Go down this street

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Always go down and cross 2 times a small river(arroyo). 
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Stay always on your right side each time you cross an other way.
If you don't drive to fast and play attention you will meet a tree "chaparro" in Andalucia.
At this cross you can start to climb the left side track.
There is 2,5km from the church check your counter.
and about 10 minutes of slow drive from the church.
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