sleeping in a yurt, studio or pitch your tent between almonds and olives trees
  Visit of our ecosite
Visit of the eco-site / nomadic-eco-camp
You really want to discover our ecologic, economic and low energy alternatives.
Unfortunately you cannot spend more than 4 nights in our home.
We can offer you one visit in our eco-site with guide and comments.
 We will show you:
·          The composting toilets on litter
·          The parabolic solar cooker and if the sun comes to the party, we will offer you solar tea.
·          The solar dryer
·          The phyto-purification with plants
·          The rainwater cistern
·          The photovoltaic system
·          The compost
·          The yurt: nomadic accommodation from Central Asia classified World Heritage by UNESCO. Our Yurts are from Mongolia furnished Mongolian style.
By the end of your visit, you can ask any question, we will answer as much as our knowledge is permitting.
You will be able to overview a wide range of documentation classified by topic:
·          Rainwater, drinking water, recycling rainwater.
·          PLUVATOR AND TRAISELEC system from Joseph Orszagh
·          The composting toilets
·          Compost by Jean Pain
·          Eating alive
·          Book “The autonomous house” from Patrick Baronnet
·          Solar energy
·          Wind energy
·          Building with lime
·          Driving car with vegetable oil
·          Various information
Visits can be organized morning or afternoon time on request ahead of time. The visit is 3 hours long including snack and drink.
Participation :
Families : minimum 20€ per visit (for 1,2,3,4 or 5 participants children or adults)
Groups : Starting for 4 adults 5€ per person, free for children below 12 years old.
Reservation on call only :
00 34 691978770
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